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HD Camera concept for explosive industrial areas

VISULEX HD Camera K55-4K-Ex
  • The powerful IP megapixel camera VISULEX HD K55-4K-Ex impresses with its very high image quality and its compact size.
  • The new camera was developed especially for industrial image processing.
  • The recorded images can be displayed perfectly on 4K UHD monitors in continuous operation (24/7).

Exemplary application - industrial image processing:
In the age of digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics play an increasingly important role.
The process is automated via image evaluation. The evaluation of what is seen is captured faster and more precisely than is possible with the human eye.

The new VISULEX HD K55-4K-Ex delivers pin-sharp, high-resolution images (3840 x 2160) for efficient process monitoring.

Together with painting robots, cleaning robots, in mechanical engineering or in galvanizing plants, the new VISULEX HD K55-4K-Ex is the perfect solution for optimal process or safety monitoring in hazardous areas.


VISULEX HD camera K55-HD-Ex is the new powerful IP megapixel camera for hazardous areas.It is characterised by its simple adaptation to existing network environments.

  • The camera is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE according to IEEE 802.3af) via the network. An additional installation of supply lines is not necessary.
  • The camera images are displayed using standard PCs or notebooks.
  • Web browsers replace expensive special software.
  • Efficient production monitoring by integrating the camera image into existing visualization software.
  • The IP-based VISULEX HD camera K55-HD-Ex can provide worldwide access to information via the Internet. Remote areas can be easily monitored or controlled via data transmission.

Exemplary application - pharmacy

The camera is used in a clean room, a potentially explosive area of Zone I. The Lumiglas VISULEX HD camera K55-HD-Ex system is mounted on a sight glass fitting of the dryer and connected to a control system located in a safe control room about 130 m away.

Before the Ex camera was used, the operator had to leave the central building to enter the clean room area to check the contents of the dryer and to observe the drying process. Of course, this was only possible in appropriate cleanroom protective clothing that had been put on beforehand. The changing procedure took at least 15 minutes.


Operation via symbols

The operator handles the control via a process visualization system. The image of the filter dryer contents is integrated into the screen for the dryer. Using only one screen, the operator is able to view via data transmission from the central control room to the hazardous area.

The outstanding advantage of the VISULEX Ex camera system is that by integrating the camera image into the software interface, process control and display of the contents of the dryer on the screen can be realized simultaneously. This results in a much more efficient production control. The camera system saves time. The filter dryer no longer needs to be viewed 'on site'.

The camera system for monitoring process engineering processes is approved according to ATEX.
It can be connected over a maximum distance of 300 m to an individually assigned monitor, a PC or a server.