Lu­mistar Lu­min­aire REL 01 Ex, stain­less steel
Product Picture: Lumistar Luminaire REL 01-Ex, stainless steel
  • ex II 2G Ex ia C T4/T5/T6 - intrinsically safe
  • ex I M2 Ex ia I Mb
  • The REL01 unit has been designed to fit snugly into the side of rectangular / longitudinal sightglasses, length = 250 mm
  • The Luminaire REL 01 comes ready for fitting, 2 screws enable it to be bolted straight onto the cover flange of the longitudinal sightglass
  • Operating Voltage / Power: 24V / 2W
  • Where the Luminaire is to be used in explosion hazardous areas, connection must be to an intrinsically safe power supply circuit.


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