Lumiglas Product-Videos

Lu­miglas di­gital

The HD camera concept for explosive industrial areas.

Process observation and visual control systems

Lumiglas products are ideal for observing processes in pressure and vacuum vessels, tanks, reactors, silos, filters and other apparatus.

LED Technology

Our representative shows in a video LED technology.

Lumiglas Signalling Device M55-BD-Ex

The smart motion detector/twilight switch: The M55-BD-Ex automatically switches the light or other users in potentially explosive (Ex) indoor or outdoor areas on and off again.

Lumistar Luminaire ASL 57LED-Ex (Video)

For a better perspective: Lumistar ASL57LED-Ex

  • Extremely bright: 35 Watt high power LED / 1800 Lumen
  • Long lasting, low heat radiation into process vessel (cold light output)
  • Patented two chamber design
  • Unique fins design provides effective cooling in all directions

Example Fermenter

Have a look at the clip: